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Welcome to the GenDB Project.

+ What is GenDB?
   GenDB is a Genealogy Database which is meant as an inventory of civil records.

+ What GenDB is NOT.
   This website will not provide any copy of birth, marriage or death certificate.

+ GenDB Search Engine.
   A GenDB Search Engine is embedded in this website. It integrates powerful searching and sorting tools.

+ Patronym frequency.
   Browse the Genealogy Database through patronyms.

+ Access.
   Access to the civil records listing of the commune of Rumes (Hainaut, Belgium) is allowed to everyone.
   Access to other data is restricted to contributors.

+ Contributors
   Amateur or professional genealogists may contribute and insert their own civil records listing per commune.
   Contributors must provide their own, personally processed listings.
   Contributors may also check listings processed by other genealogists on this website.

+ Credits.
   Visual development: Nicolas Crombez AT dehollander.net
   Website development: Olivier Dewaele AT dehollander.net

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